Jan. 18, 2023

HARRISBURG – In an effort to ensure Pennsylvania elections are fair and accurate, Rep. Mike Cabell (R-Luzerne) is sponsoring legislation that would require voters to present identification when going to the polls. He is currently circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking bipartisan support for the proposal which he plans to introduce in the near future.

“Polls show a large majority of Americans are in favor of the simple and commonsense requirement that voters present an ID at the polling place, just as we are asked to use identification in a variety of other and less important transactions in daily life,” said Cabell. “Enacting a straightforward voter ID requirement will help to restore confidence in the integrity of our elections.”

The bill will include provisions to ensure the identification requirements are easily accessible to all qualified Pennsylvania voters, including a condition that all registered voters be sent a durable voter registration card, usable as a voter ID, with no action needed on their part.

Similar legislation is expected to be introduced in the House for a proposed amendment to the state Constitution that would require voter ID.

“Whether the proposed constitutional amendment on this subject is enacted or the General Assembly proceeds with my bill instead, it is our responsibility to make certain that Pennsylvania’s elections are both secure and accessible to all qualified voters,” Cabell added.

Senate Bill 1, which was passed recently by the Senate, also calls for a voter ID constitutional amendment.

Representative Mike Cabell
117th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Andy Briggs
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